Worship Leader Devotional “Going Deeper”: All Things Beautiful

A newborn baby. A snow capped mountain against a crystal blue sky. A flower sprinkled with morning dew. A bride appearing at the end of the aisle coming to meet her groom. A majestic landscape laced with waterfalls, hills and valleys. A lush garden. A new butterfly dressed in bright colors. The rolling of the waves crashing onto a white sand beach. A sunset bursting through a smattering of clouds. A wooden table with family memories embedded into every scratch and dent. Tree covered hills speckled with the brilliant colors of fall. The dancing of moonlight across the water.

The saying goes that, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” We all find different things to be beautiful. Our likes and dislikes are as varied and unique as we are as individuals. It’s all about perspective. What might be beautiful to you may not be beautiful to me, just as the things I find to be beautiful may not interest you. No matter what we find to be beautiful, however, the underlying draw is that we all enjoy beautiful things.

There is something deep within every human being that longs for beauty. We all notice beauty. We all appreciate beauty and there is something deep within us that quickens our spirit and causes us to smile in its presence.

Why is that? What is it about beauty that beckons us? What is it inside of us that is hooked when we see beautiful things?

Have you ever noticed that beautiful things don’t always stay beautiful? That brilliant sunset darkens as the sun disappears. The painting fades over time. Beautiful people grow older and become aged revealing yet another stage of “beautiful.” A peaceful, sunny day may turn into a violent storm, which to some might be a different version of beautiful. All living things die eventually. Beauty fades.

Still, we long for beauty. Still, our spirit quickens when we find it. Still, beauty finds us over and over again as God continues to sprinkle our lives with a part of Himself.

The God of the universe spoke everything into being when time began in the Garden of Eden. He is the author of all things beautiful. He is Creator. He is the embodiment of beauty. Beauty was His idea. He placed within us a desire for beautiful things. He placed within us a desire for Beauty.

Could it be when we notice the things that stir our soul with beauty, that we are responding to the voice of God Himself? Could it be that we see God in each sunset? Could it be that we see God in the snow capped mountain landscape? Could it be that we see God in the newborn baby and in every face of those around us?

God Himself is Beauty. Even more so, God can and does make beauty out of anything – even the most ugly. In the beginning, Creator God spoke beauty into existence out of nothing. Creator God continues to bring beauty out of nothing every day. He makes all things new.

The next time beauty stirs your soul, listen for the voice of God and look for the face of God. You will find Him.

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